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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Spring Series and Summer Junior Golf Tour Classic and Major events?

The spring events are 9-hole tournaments intended to hone a junior’s tournament skills. Juniors become more comfortable on the course and meet new friends. The Summer Junior Golf Tour Classic and Major events have Player of the Year point values and make up our core offering.

What are the tournament entry fees and what do they include?
Summer Junior Golf Tour Series NENY PGA Junior Members Non-members
JGT Classic – Ages 8-12
9 holes / 1 day
$45 $65
JGT Classic – Ages 13-18
18 holes / 1 day
$55 $75
JGT Major – Ages 13-18
36 holes / 2 days
$110 $140

Entry fee includes range balls during warm-up, greens fees, lunch and online scoring through our BlueGolf Tournament Software (view on website or App).

How are Junior Classic and Junior Major events different?

Junior Tour Classics are one-day events (9 holes for 8-12 year olds and 18-holes for 13-18 year olds) and receive Classic Player of the Year point values. Junior Tour Majors are two-day events for ages 13-18 that use more heavily weighted Player of the Year point values. They are recognized by Junior Golf Scoreboard and AJGA as sanctioned events, which post and register scores for help in tracking national tournament results.

Do events use stroke play for the formats and scoring?

Our older age divisions (13-18) all use stroke play format and for scoring purposes. Stableford scoring is used for our youngest age division (8-12). This is primarily to ensure that the younger division focuses on learning/tournament play improvement.

Stableford Points System/Scoring for 9-Holers (Ages 8-12)
Score on Hole Points
Triple Bogey 2 points
Double Bogey 3 points
Bogey 4 points
Par 6 points
Birdie 9 points
Eagle 15 points
Hole-in-One 50 points
Do events follow the USGA Rules of Golf?

Older age divisions (13-18 year olds) do follow the USGA Rules of Golf. All juniors are encouraged to review the NENY PGA Junior Hard Card and local event rules provided. Juniors in the 8-12 age division follow modified rules and are allowed a max of 10 strokes per hole in the fairway. After 10 strokes, they are permitted to play the ball from the edge of the green and are allotted 5 putting strokes. The max score per hole is 15. Juniors can also lift and place their ball after one attempt to clear a hazard and/or to get out of a bunker without penalty.

Is there a membership fee to join the NENY PGA Junior Tour?

Yes, a membership fee of $75 applies to the Summer Tour Series only and is good for one calendar year. Any junior regardless of residence may join. Membership entitles you to discounts on tournament registrations and a benefits packet.

Are there any playing eligibility requirements, exclusions?

All children ages 8-18 are eligible for NENY PGA Junior Membership (regardless of residence) and may participate in any number of events. However, only players residing in the NENY PGA Section can qualify for and advance to the Junior PGA Championship. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Tournaments are played at scratch (gross), which means no handicaps.


What is the expectation from the player and Code of Conduct Policy?

The JGT takes great pride in the quality of its players and our host facilities. In order to continue to make the tournaments enjoyable for everyone, the section requires all of the JGT participants and spectators to adhere to the following set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct. Any breach of the guidelines set forth under the Code of Conduct can result in disqualification, without a refund, from the tournament where the incident occurred and may result in JGA membership suspension for the current year and possibly subsequent years.

The following rules of conduct that will be enforced include but are not limited to:
*Club throwing, swearing or general misconduct in behavior to include excessive display of temper either physically or verbally
*Cheating will not be tolerated
*Drug and alcohol use – players found smoking, chewing any tobacco product, drinking alcoholic beverages, or using illegal or controlled substances at a JGT tournament site

The Section’s Junior Committee & Board of Directors are the governing bodies that will determine any breach of the Code of Conduct. They will determine the severity of the incident and the action to be taken. In these instances, a written notification of such will be sent to the junior and parent.

The Section’s Board of Inquiry is the body in place that a junior/parent can use to make an appeal to. All appeals must be made in writing and be signed by the player.

Are there discounts for families with multiple children participating?
Membership Fees

Families with three or more children receive one free membership for their third child (with paid memberships for two siblings). Contact NENY PGA staff to register the third sibling for free.

Tournament Fees

Families with three or more children playing in the same event will only be charged $10 (lunch fee) for the third child. Contact NENY PGA staff to register the third sibling for free.

What is the BlueGolf Tournament App?

Our FREE tournament app (powered by BlueGolf software) enables any junior, parent, family or friend to access Junior Tour registration, live scoring, etc. Simply search the Apple/Google Play store by typing in “Northeastern New York Junior PGA” to download.

What is the BlueGolf Premium Players Club?

The BlueGolf Premium Players Club is an add-on tool for competitive players. Use it to build a golfing resume: track hole-by-hole scores, enter outside tournament scores, add swing videos to your profile, analyze tournament round history and more. There is a fee of $40 (added to membership fee) for use of this tool.

Do I have to play in my age division?

Our events are set up in age divisions based upon birthdates: 8-12 year olds play 9-holes (from forward tees), 13-15 year olds play 18 or 36-holes (from middle tees) and 16-18 year olds play 18 or 36-holes (from back tees). Girls play with girls, boys play with boys.

However, a player may declare to “play up” to an older age division. The player must finish in the top 75% of the field in his or her first two events to demonstrate an appropriate playing ability. The player must then continue playing in that age division for the rest of the season. More suitable competition or longer yardages are the most frequent reasons for playing up. Inform the NENY PGA staff of your desire to play up, as our BlueGolf tournament system can only place players based on date of birth.

If my birthday occurs during the season, how is my age division determined?

You will be placed based on your age on the date of the first tournament you register for. Player of the Year points earned within an age division will remain in that division. If your birthday falls in the middle of a series, you may play the entire series in either the lower or upper age division, ensuring that you don’t split points between divisions. Please contact NENY PGA staff for assistance in making your selection.

Is NENY PGA Junior Tour Membership mandatory?

No, but membership is required to earn Player of the Year points in our Summer Series events. POY points determine whether you qualify for premier events such as our NY State PGA Junior Championship and our season-ending NENY PGA Junior Tour Championship. Membership also ensures that you receive e-newsletters and important notifications about tournament deadlines and event delays.

After I obtain a membership, how do I register for tournaments?

Once your membership is approved, you will receive an email with a BlueGolf ID and Password. Your ID and Password enable you to access your account to register for tournaments.

How many tournaments can I play in?

There are no limits. You may register and compete in as many Summer Series tournaments as you like. However, to help ensure that Player of the Year points remain fair and are not based solely on frequency of participation, only your top eight scores will be used in POY calculations.

When are tee times posted and where can I find mine?

Tee times and starting hole assignments are posted on the Tournament Information Page for each event a minimum of three days prior to the event. Generally, events feature morning start times (between 7:30am and 9:30am) for 13-18 year olds, and late morning or early afternoon start times (between 11 AM and Noon) for 8-12 year olds. There will be exceptions based on course availability and other factors.

Can I request a tee time?

We will do our best to accommodate tee time requests for car-pooling purposes, etc., but you must notify us prior to the event registration deadline – before tee times and pairings are assigned. Similarly, we cannot honor all pairing requests, but we will try to place car-poolers and siblings in tee times with close proximity for your convenience.

How do NENY PGA Junior Tour Player of the Year Points work?

Players accrue points by participating in Junior Golf Tour Summer Series events. Points are awarded based on the type of event and where the player finishes (see chart below):

Place Classic Events1 Day
Ages 8-12 / 9-holes
Ages 13-18 / 18-holes
Major Events2 Days
Ages 13-18 / 36-holes
1 250 500
2 190 350
3 155 225
4 140 195
5 130 180
6 115 165
7 105 150
8 95 135
9 85 120
10 70 105
11 60 90
12 50 75
13 40 60
14 25 45
15 or lower 20 30

Only eight highest point totals earned will be used in POY calculations.

How far in advance do I need to register for tournaments?

There is a five-day entry window with a midnight deadline on the fifth day preceding our events. Tournaments can fill up. To guarantee your spot, we recommend that you register as soon as the entry window opens. There is a late fee of $10 per event when you register after the event deadline.

What happens if a tournament is full?

Players who register after a tournament is full will be placed on a first-come, first served waiting list for their age division. Players may be placed in the tournament from the waiting list up to four days prior to the event.

Players will be notified via email that he/she has been placed in the tournament. A player may remove himself/herself from the waiting list at any time through his/her online account prior to the event deadline. There are no walk-up registrations at NENY PGA junior tournaments.

What If a Tournament is Cancelled Due to Weather?

It will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director and host PGA Professional to suspend or cancel play. Tournaments that are not completed may keep the entry fees to offset expenses and commitments to the host facility. If no tournament is held, the participants will receive a full refund. If a tournament is re-scheduled, all juniors must re-register into the event. No prior registrations will be transferred into the new re-scheduled event.

What is the tournament cancellation/refund policy?

Cancellations must be submitted online via your BlueGolf account or by notifying the NENY PGA section office via phone or email.

Cancellation Fees:
  • 5 or more days prior to event: $5 administration fee
  • 3-4 days prior to event: 50% of registration
  • Less than 48 hours prior to event: entire registration forfeited

Please contact the NENY PGA section to request refund if cancellation is due to circumstances such as injury, etc.

What is the tournament transfer policy?

All transfer requests must be submitted prior to the registration deadline for both the tournament a player is transferring from and the tournament a player is transferring to. All transfers must occur within the same age division. Transfer requests that do not meet these criteria will be treated as cancellations and be subject to the cancellation policy. Otherwise, there is no processing fee for transfers.

Is there a Dress Code for Tournaments?

All players while on site of an official round of a JGT Tournament must wear appropriate golf attire. The following are examples of appropriate attire:
*hats must be worn forward at all times
*collared shirts
*shirts must be tucked in
*slacks, short (hemmed)
*golf shoes or tennis shoes

No Tee-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, midriffs, sweat suits or jeans. If a player arrives at his/her designated starting hole out of dress code, he/she will be prohibited from participating.



Are distance-measuring devices allowed?

Yes, juniors may use a distance-measuring device (that measure distance only!) during NENY PGA Junior Tour sanctioned events.

Can I use a pull cart?

Yes, you may use a pull cart during NENY PGA Junior Tour sanctioned events. You may bring your own or rent from the host site.

Are spectators or caddies allowed?

Spectators and parents are encouraged to attend tournaments. The host facility reserves the right to prohibit spectators at their course (section will publicize on the event info page when this occurs). Spectators must abide by the following rules so they do not jeopardize this privilege in the future.

*Older age divisions (13-18 year olds) have strict spectator policies. When the host site permits non-paid spectators, they must remain 50 yards from the players/groups and refrain from any conversation with the players.
*Younger age divisions (8-12 years olds) are in more of a learning environment and parents are encouraged to walk with the players to assist with scorekeeping, and to ensure safety and pace of play. Please note that full-out caddying (carrying player’s bag, moving pull cart, club selection, shot selection advice, etc.) is prohibited.

The player is responsible for the action of his/her parents/spectators.

Can I rent a spectator cart?

No spectator carts are permitted for any reason.

What is the Junior Tour Championship and the New York State Junior Championship and can I play in these?
NENY PGA Junior Tour Championship

This event is contested as the last in the Summer Tour Series. It is an 18-hole invitational championship for the top juniors on the current NENY PGA Junior Player of the Year points list. The field is limited and juniors qualify as follows:

  • Boys 16-18 Top 15
  • Boys 13-15 Top 9
  • Girls 16-18 Top 3
  • Girls 13-15 Top 3
  • Boys 8-12 Top 3
  • Girls 8-12 Top 3
NYS PGA Junior Championship Eligibility

This event is contested the following spring golf season. It is a 36-hole, two-day invitational championship for the best juniors in New York State. All four NYS PGA sections send their top players. The NENY PGA section is allotted 15 spots, which are awarded to our highest-scoring juniors from the Player of the Year List as follows:

  • Boys 16-18 Top 7
  • Boys 13-15 Top 3
  • Girls 16-18 Top 3
  • Girls 13-15 Top 2
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